Time- and self-management during the PhD

Time- and self-management during the PhD

Every doctoral project represents a challenging research project across several years, which requires professional planning and realization before the sought-after PhD title can be attained. During the PhD phase, the young scientists are often faced with a variety of tasks in research, teaching, and academic self-administration or in private areas, which all compete for one's restricted working time and resources. For successfully mastering a PhD project, it is therefore beneficial to skillfully deal with efficient tools taken from the areas of project-, time-, and self-management.

The participants of this workshop will get to know some of the most important instruments that can be used for the planning and realization of their own PhD project. By this, they will be able to support a more efficient time- and self-management during their doctorate. Moreover, the acquired techniques will also be useful in any other context of their professional or private activities.

Beyond the theoretical input of the workshop, the participants will also carry out a few exercises, which help them to bring the presented tools into practice.

Information on the event


Date: Wednesday, 8th Januar 2020

Time: 13.00-17.00 hrs.

Venue: Graduate Centre, Building C9 3 (see location plan)

Fee: none

Registration: see web form (max. 14 participants)


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Dr. Theo Jäger, PhD in Neuropsychology, since 2008 coordinator and coach/trainer at
the Support Centre for Doctoral Researchers at Saarland University (GradUS), member of
the Quality Circle for the Doctorate (QualitätsZirkel Promotion, QZP).