Managing delicate situations: with personality! (online workshop)

An online communication workshop for intro- and extroverts (which also includes the opportunity for an individual coaching)

Everyone has an idea of introverted and extroverted characteristics - the distinction appears in almost every personality test. However, hardly anyone knows what these characteristics actually mean: for dealing with each other and with themselves.

Introverted and extroverted persons show clear differences in the way they communicate. In professional contexts, both characteristics are associated with specific strengths, but also with particular obstacles. For example, introverts often feel uncomfortable when they are in contact with people they do not know. Extroverts usually don't have this problem but are sometimes – mistakenly – perceived as superficial or overly assertive.

This workshop is unique in its design. Focusing on case studies and concrete communication, especially supports young scientists to

  • identify their personal strengths and advantages as introverts or extroverts, and
  • overcome specific hurdles associated with the respective personality type.

The case studies cover a range of everyday situations so that it is easy to transfer the findings into real life. Examples: persuasive conversation with negotiation elements, job interview, direct and indirect attacks.

Please note: This special online format offers two options.

  • an online training in a group of up to 14 early career researchers in both mornings on 3rd and 4th December, followed by
  • afternoons with individual online coachings so that you can discuss cases or situations that are best dealt with in a confidential setting. Apart from your coaching, you will be free on both afternoons.

This is a workshop with joint audiences from GradUS and the Saarbrücken Graduate School of Computer Science.

Information on the Event

Date and times: Thursday/Friday, 3rd and 4th December 2020

  • 9.00–12.30 hrs. on both days: plenary sessions
  • 13.30–17.00 hrs. on both days: individual online coaching slots

Apart from your coaching, you will be free on both afternoons.

Format:  online workshop via Zoom at your own computer/laptop

Fee: 70 € (minus GradUS credit of 50 €, see below)

Number of participants: max. 7 participants from GradUS

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Dr. Sylvia Löhken, linguist, best-selling author, certified coach, several years of teaching/research, ten years in leading positions at the DAAD, expert for science communication and intro-/extroverted communication, speaker of the year 2012, Best Business Book Award 2017.