Project Management of your Doctorate (online workshop)

Every PhD project represents a long-term and challenging project, which requires professional planning and realization processes before the PhD degree is finally awarded. For the successful completion of PhD projects, various tools and methods can be used which are taken from the theory and praxis of classical project management as well as time- and self-management.

Those who are interested in taking up a PhD project or have already started their doctorate can participate in this workshop to get to know important tools and instruments that they can apply as project managers of their own research project. By this, a professional, goal-oriented and efficient planning and realization of their PhD project will be supported. Beyond that, the participants will be enabled to apply these tools and techniques also in other contexts of project management activities in their professional life in the future.

In addition to theoretical input, this workshop will also involve the completion of several exercises in which the participants directly apply the taught tools and methods. By this, they can build up a useful portfolio for their own PhD project.

This workshop is offered as a cooperation between GradUS and the Promotionsberatungsstelle der htw saar in the framework of their joint "GraduSaar" scheme.

Information on the Event

Date: Monday to Friday, 16th-20th January 2023


  • kick-off meeting (video conference) on Monday at 9.00 am (duration: ca. 1h)
  • thereafter individual self-learning of the workshop modules according to your own time plan
  • closure meeting (video conference) on Friday at 9.00 am (duration: ca. 1-1.5h)

Venue:  online workshop on your own PC/laptop via Microsoft Teams

Fee: none

Number of participants: max. 16 participants

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Dr. Agnes Schindler, PhD in Media Sciences, head of the Graduate Centre and counsellor on scholarships at Trier University, member of the Quality Circle of the Doctorate (QualitätsZirkel Promotion, QZP).


Dr. Theo Jäger, PhD in Experimental Neuropsychology, coordinator and trainer at the Support Centre for Doctoral Researchers at Saarland University (GradUS), member of the Quality Circle of the Doctorate (QualitätsZirkel Promotion, QZP), employee in the Office of the University President at Saarland University.