Status Communication in Academia

The focus of this workshop is on status communication in academic contexts: Participants learn to act professionally in situations that demand to stand up for something: a fair distribution, a response to power rituals, or a conflict. The focus is on situations in which pitfalls might be lurking and formal power is rather low.

The strategies we develop are especially suited for quiet persons who tend to tread carefully around conflicts and confrontations – and who also often wish they had a higher impact.

Participants learn to deliberately use their own traits to their advantage and have time (alone or with a partner) to reflect on ways to improve strategies that don't work well. After the workshop, all participants should have gained confidence for more challenging situations – and efficient tools to deal with them.

Target group: early- and mid-stage researchers (doctoral researchers and researchers with a PhD) from all disciplines

Information on the Event

Date: Tuesday, 21st February 2023

Time: 9.00-17.00 hrs.

Venue:  Graduate Centre, building C9 3 (see location plan)

Fee: none

Number of participants: max. 12 participants


Dr. Sylvia Löhken, is a linguist, author, and certified coach. She looks back on several years of teaching/research and spent ten years in leading positions at the DAAD. Sylvia is an expert in academic communication and personality-based communication. She is a frequent guest in national and international media. Her books are translated in more than 30 languages, with more than 500.000 copies sold worldwide. She has received the awards "Speaker of the Year 2012" and "Best Business Book Award 2017".