Communication at conferences

Communication at conferences

Conferences and workshops give researchers ample opportunities to present their work – and themselves. Communication in professional forums is often decisive for future career options.

This workshop helps participants to meet people with an attitude that is both adequate and self-confident, in informal situations ("socials") as well as in academic discussion settings. Both verbal and non-verbal strategies will be considered.


  • To create positive contact at conferences
  • To build and maintain professional networks.


  • How to initiate and encourage small talk
  • How to talk to decision-makers
  • How to build and maintain professional contacts
  • How to act self-confidently in academic discussion settings.


Workshop language: English


This workshop is organized in cooperation with the International Office within the joint "GradUS international" programme.



Information on the workshop

:  Friday, 10 December 2010

: 9:00 - 17:00 hrs.

: Building C7 4, room 1.17

:60 euro (minus GradUS credit; see below)

: see information in the top right-hand corner (maximum class size: 12 participants)



  • For each PhD student, participation in the GradUS workshops is sponsored with 100 euro per year by the presidium of Saarland University, which are considered when calculating course fees (50 euro are considered each semester).

  • Participation in every workshop is certificated.

  • Childcare can be provided for doctoral researchers with children for the duration of a particular GradUS event at no charge (see website Kinderbetreuung).

  • Tax deductibility: we recommend that you try to claim tax deduction for GradUS workshops' participation fees. Usually, further training fees are considered allowable expenses and hence reduce the taxable income. However, a general regulation does not exist and decisions are made in this context case by case. Saarland University does not provide particulars on that issue. 


Dr. Sylvia Löhken
holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics. She looks back on a broad range of experience in both research and academic teaching. Before founding her own company, textATRIUM, she held responsible positions in the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in Germany and Japan for a decade. Today, Dr. Löhken works with professionals with an academic, administrational or IT background who want to develop and improve their communication strategies.