Note on Corona regulations for face-to-face events

Stricter 3G rule for all those who have neither vaccinated nor recovered status

Physical presence at Saarland University now requires compliance with stricter 3G status regulations: You can only access Saarland University sites if you have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have recovered from an infection with COVID-19 or if you can provide a valid negative COVID-19 test result (antigen rapid test results are valid for 24 hours, PCR test results are valid for 48 hours) . If you wish to come to Saarland University every day, getting tested for COVID-19 on a daily basis is mandatory if you are not fully vaccinated/do not have recovered status. You must be able to provide proof of your 3G status at all times. As an employer, the university is subject to a duty of control and documentation.

In order to facilitate and speed up COVID-19 status checks, the university will provide so-called ‘2G stickers’ for vaccinated or recovered persons, which will be applied to the personal student ID or employee card (UdS Card). This sticker will be considered sufficient proof if you are asked to present proof of your COVID-19 status at the university. For more information, please see the website (

Re-introduction of the obligation to wear a face mask in in-person events

From 20 November 2021, stricter regulations apply regarding face masks: Since 12 November 2021, wearing a face mask is mandatory wherever you can expect to encounter other persons at any time (e.g. in corridors, on stairs, in waiting areas and in lifts) and where you can therefore not safely maintain the physical distance; now you also need to wear a face mask during all in-person events and in buildings that are accessible to the public and can be classified as customer areas, irrespective of whether the physical distance of 1.5 m can be maintained. Different rules may apply to offices; please refer to the SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety regulations.

Due to the correspondingly applicable exception in Section 1, § 4 (2), no. 5, VO-CP, lecturers do not have to wear a medical face mask during lectures, as long as a minimum distance of one and a half meters to other persons is ensured at all times.