Professor Teresa Koloma Beck

Teresa Koloma Beck is Professor for the Sociology of Globalisation at Bundeswehr University Munich, Senior Research Fellow at Hamburg Institute for Social Research (HIS), and an ethics advisor to the “Minor Universality” project. She is a sociologist specialising in the study of globalisation, war and violence. In the focus of her empirical and theoretical work are everyday experiences of globality. She has undertaken ethnographic field research in Angola, Mozambique and Afghanistan.
Selected Publications: The normality of civil war. Frankfurt/Main 2012: Campus; (with Tobias Werron) Violent confliction. Armed Conflicts and Global Competition for Attention and Legitimacy. In: International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society 31/3 (2018): 275-296; (forthcoming) Particularly Universal Encounters. Ethnographic explorations into a laboratory of world society In: What in the world? An interdisciplinary exploration of global social change. Ed. by Mathias Albert and Tobias Werron. Bristol: Bristol University Press.