Englische Linguistik

Eva Nossem

Proseminar "Queering Lexicography"
Di 14-16 Uhr
C 5 3, Raum 4.08

In this proseminar, you learn about lexicography and its main concern, the dictionary (making), from a critical Queer perspective. Starting with the history and traditions of lexicographic practice, we then move on to discuss purposes and functions of dictionaries as well as expectations that are raised when using them. In addition to dealing with possible uses of dictionaries, we also focus on processes involved in the compilation of a dictionary and its macro- and microstructure. You learn about standards and norms as well as ideals and models that influence (the making of) dictionaries. We analyze how dominant discourses are reflected and on what levels heteronormativity plays a role. Critical (hetero)normativity research within lexicography allows us to detect power structures and values that are inherent in dictionaries and that have contributed to their compilation. We will contrast the common idea of dictionaries as neutral and objective authorities to the perspective of dictionaries as products of biased selective and exclusionary processes. You will learn a theoretical framework you can then apply for your own practical work, when, at the end of the term, you can compile your own small dictionary and justify and explain your choices and decisions.
Course requirements: Regular attendance, active participation, oral presentation, graded term paper.




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