Englische Linguistik

Eva Nossem

Proseminar "The Negotiation of Selves in Language, Society, and Culture. Introduction to 3rd wave Sociolinguistics"
(Aufbaumodul 2: Aktuelle Fragestellungen der Genderforschung)
Di 14-16 Uhr
C 5 3, Raum 4.08

This seminar is situated in the broad field of sociolinguistics, i.e. the study of the social uses of language, drawing also on the theories of Gender Studies. As Fishman put it, sociolinguistics deals with “who speaks (or writes) what language (or what language variety) to whom and when and to what end” (1972: 46). This seminar will provide an introduction to studying the relationship between language and society. We will trace the development of three waves of sociolinguistics, with the first wave establishing “broad correlations between linguistic variables and the macrosociological categories of socioeconomic class, sex, class, ethnicity, and age” (Eckert 2012: 87). The second wave applied ethnographic methods to investigate the local categories that lead to or constitute the macro‐ social categories. Finally, the third wave sees the variation as a social semiotic system, which constructs social meaning rather than reflecting it.

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