Participants and partners of "GradUS global"

Who are the persons that are responsible for the activities of
"GradUS global"?

The project "GradUS global" involves a steering committee which plans the activities of "GradUS global" and evaluates the applications for the various funding opportunities. It consists of Ph.D. supervisors, doctoral researchers, and coordinators from GradUS and the International Office. The members of the committee are defined at the beginning of each year (please contact us if you are interested in becoming a member of the committee).

The steering committee is chaired by Prof. Dr. Astrid Fellner, the Vice-President for Europe and International Affairs at Saarland University.

Who are the current and former participants of "GradUS global"?

Interested doctoral researchers and individual Ph.D. supervisors of Saarland University can become participants of the project in order to take part in its activities and events, irrespective of whether or not they want to apply for funding. However, everyone who wants to benefit from the funding instruments automatically becomes a participant of "GradUS global" (see section "Application").

Please refer to the section "Downloads" to open the form used to join the "GradUS global" project as a participant.

The current and former participants of "GradUS global" are listed in a table, which can be downloaded here. The list of participants is thought to enable the project participants to contact each other at any time.

The participants of "GradUS global" are also free to interconnect themselves via the "GradUS global" group in the professional network XING.

How are the doctoral researchers of "GradUS global" organized?

The participating doctoral researchers who are experienced with the environment at Saarland University offer new doctoral researchers to form a "buddy system" in order to allow collegial mentoring for new young scientists with respect to the university's environment and daily life in Saarland. The formation of buddies is coordinated and administrated by the "GradUS global" team.

Who is the main cooperation partner of "GradUS global"?

The main cooperation partner of GradUS within the "GradUS global" project is the International Office of Saarland University. Doctoral researchers and scientists can contact the International Office if they are interested in the multi-faceted additional services for international students and scientists:

Head of the International Office:
Dr. Johannes Abele
Saarland University
International Office
Building A4 4, Room 2.30
66123 Saarbrücken
Phone: ++49 / (0)681 302 71104
E-Mail: international[at]

Who are the partner organisations of "GradUS global"?

Interested Ph.D. programmes and research institutions at Saarland University are invited to become partner organisations of "GradUS global" in order to contribute to the project in a more formal way on an organisational (rather than individual) level.

Currently, "GradUS global" involves the following partner organisations:

Additional Ph.D. programmes and research institutes are highly welcome to join "GradUS global" as further partner organisations at any time.