Concept and Methodology


MuTra PhD was initiated within a 9-year-cycle of European Marie Curie actions (1999 – 2007) and has been institutionalized within Saarland University’s GradUS advanced studies program since 2010. It provides an introduction into basic scientific thought principles interrelated with ‘hands-on’ coaching and assistance in systematically developing one’s own research work (dissertation or habilitation) in a step-by-step sequence.
It owes its originality to the theoretical thought principles of physicist and linguist Klaus Mudersbach, specifically his meaning and communication models (Leksemantik, Dividuensemantik), tripartite text perspectives model (‘atomistic-holistic-holatomistic’ views of the world), and research methodology (IKS, Prodainformad). Integrating these thought principles, MuTra PhD provides a homogeneous theoretical and methodological framework for qualitative liberal arts research. Its added value is the structured integration of subjectivity dimensions in text and communication analysis, transfer and (re)production as well as the establishment of individual and collective TYPES and the design of multi-perspective communication and mediation models.