Vereine & Verbände / Organizations

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers promotes the engineering process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing, and applying knowledge about electro and information technologies and sciences for the benefit of humanity and the profession.

The IEEE Industrial Electronics Society through its members encompasses a diverse range of technical activities devoted to the application of electronics and electrical sciences for the enhancement of industrial and manufacturing processes.

The International Federation of Automatic Control, is a multinational federation of National Member Organizations (NMOs), each one representing the engineering and scientific societies concerned with automatic control in its own country.

The purpose of the Federation is to promote the science and technology of control in the broadest sense in all systems. IFAC is also concerned with the impact of control technology on society.


FAC TC 5.1 "Manufacturing Plant Control"




IFAC TC 1.3 "Discrete Event and Hybrid Systems"



originates from a new IMS CCI initiative to increase applied research, technology innovation and training efforts for more flexible, open integration and reconfiguration of embedded intelligence for industrial automation systems.

We contribute to OOONEIDA through our research on the design of distributed automation systems based on the IEC 61499 function block concept.