Betty Joseph

Prof. Betty Joseph

Rice University

Professor Joseph is Associate Professor of English at Rice University and author of Reading the East India Company, 1720-1840: Colonial Currencies of Gender. She has published articles on the global 18th century and postcolonial literature. Professor Joseph's teaching focuses on the Anglophone novel, globalization, the 18th century, and postcolonial theory. She is currently working on two projects: one on mercantile culture in the 18th century and another on Anglophone literature in the age of globalization. July 4th, 2007: Early Modern Global Perspectives: Women in the Transnational World of Mercantilism

In this lecture, Joseph takes a fresh look at some documents of the East India Company dealing with trade in South Asia in the 17th and 18th centuries. She pairs these documents with "rogue literature"- the literature of vagabonds, criminals and social marginals - to investigate the contradictory ways in which colonialism's literary and political uses of female subjects represent an archaic global perspective that resonates with certain phenomena associated with contemporary globalization.