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Research Activities


For a list of publications, see the online bibliography compiled by the university library (- 2005, 2006 -).



Martina Ghosh-Schellhorn is full Professor of New English Literatures and Cultures at Saarland University, Germany. A Visiting Professor at a number of leading South African, Indian, and Australian universities, she has received, among others, a Krishna Somers Research Fellowship for diaspora studies (Murdoch University, Australia), as well as the coordination of the European Union-funded project "Cultural Cooperation with Third World Countries".

The initiator of Transcultural Anglophone Studies (TAS) at Saarland University, she specializes in the comparative aspects of globalisation processes in diverse cultural fields. This especially pertains to the phenomenon of transculturality in conjunction with memorialization studies, museology, material culture studies, and tourism studies in, particularly, South Asia and the South Asian disapora(s), Sub-Saharan Africa, and the pan-Pacific region. Her expertise in autobiography studies is complemented by her specialization in film studies, with a focus on film production in the Global South. She is currently working on the transcultural dimensions of constructs of centre and periphery in the context of diaspora studies. To this purpose, she is compiling audio-visual material on the life-narratives of a spectrum of South Asians living in the older, indentured diasporaS in contrast to the newer, professional ones. A further project, exploring the Digital Humanties potential of monumental colonial architecture, took its inception from an interdisciplinary collaboration with the German Institute of Artificial Intelligence, who directed the xml3D modelling of selected British Government Houses. These models are now undergoing transcultural annotation in a process geared to rendering revisionist historiography 'visible' in a multimedia format.

Ghosh-Schellhorn's major publications include Anthony Burgess: A Study in Character (1986), Writing Women Across Borders and Categories (ed., 2000), Peripheral Centres, Central Peripheries: Anglophone India and its Diaspora(s) (ed., 2005), Steep Stairs to Myself: Transitionality and Autobiography (2008), Playing by the Rules of the Game, Jouer Selon les Règles du Jeu (co-ed., 2008), Transcultural Anglophone Studies: An Introduction (2018), Games of Empires: Proceedings of the International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Historio-Cultural Features of Imperial and Transcultural Board Games (co-ed., 2018), Virtual Modelling in a Transcultural Context: Government House Calcutta as a Digital Humanities Experiment (forthcoming); and Musafir, tera ghar hai kahaan?: Narrating South Asian Diasporic Lives (forthcoming).


Research Interests

Professor Ghosh-Schellhorn's research interests reflect her accentuation of the transcultural - rather than the new - as informing instance for the discipline of the "New Anglophone Cultures". Accordingly, synchronic analysis of the concept of transculturality, of its representational diversity, as also of identity constitution and identification strategies, as well as inter-textual/medial relationships, is supplemented by diachronic theorization of the parameters of Transcultural Anglophone Studies (TAS).

  • Cultural Studies: British Culture; Transculturality, particularly in the Anglophone world; Gender; Centre-Periphery Relations; Popular culture; Life Writing; Representation; Theoretical Approaches
  • Literary Studies: Narratology; Intertextuality; Literary Theory; Literary History
  • Media Studies: Intermediality; Cyberspace and Virtuality; Literary Adaptation
  • South Asian Studies: Nationalism; Gender; Visual and Print Media
  • Interdisciplinary: Cultural / Literary Studies informed by Psychology (Cognitive / Cross-Cultural), Human/Primate Interface