Prof. Dr. Ghosh-Schellhorn


Research Activities


Offices Held (On Campus)

  • Chief Coordinator, European Union-funded international Transcultura project EuropeAid DDH CULT/2005/113-143 Cooperation with Developing Countries


Offices Held (Off-Campus)

  • Advisory Fellow, Krishna Somers Foundation


Publication Series Editor

  •     Transcultural Anglophone Studies, Lit Verlag, Münster


Editorial Board Member

  • SOPHIE, Saarland University Feminist Publications
  • ASNEL, Proceedings of the annual ASNEL conferences
  • Transcultura, Publications European Project Conference Proceedings and Other Documentation


Union, NGO and Mentoring Commitments

  • Mentor, Saarland University Pilot Mentoring Programme for Female Academics


Membership in Associations

  • ACLALS (Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies)
  • AILC/ICLA (International Comparative Literature Association)
  • ASNEL/GNEL (Association for the Study of the New Literatures in English/Gesellschaft für die neuen englischsprachigen Literaturen)
  • Deutscher Anglistentag
  • DGA (German Society of Asianists)
  • NZS (DGA Chapter Contemporary South Asia)
  • EACLALS (European Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies)
  • IACLALS (Indian Association of Commonwealth Literatures and Languages)
  • MLA (Modern Language Association)
  • Transcultura International Network