Our Research

 The Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry at the University of Saarland is interested in the development of intelligent drug molecules able to target certain diseases with high selectivity. A particular focus resides on redox active agents, which can be found as secondary metabolites in many natural products, for instance as Reactive Sulfur Species (RSS), the cellular thiolstat, catalytic sensor/effector agents and redox active nanoparticles produced from natural materials and waste. As pharmaceutical research and practice also raises wider questions, a second focus is on Philosophy of Pharmacy which encompasses projects from epistemology, ethics, and the philosophy of language. These activities also address the increasingly controversial issue of modern-day dissemination in and of science.

Hot Topics

Reactive Sulfur Species (RSS) and Reactive Selenium Species (RSeS)

Cellular Thiolstat

Catalytic sensor/effector agents

Intracellular Diagnostics (bioanalytics, chemogenetic phenotype profiling, mode of action studies, electrochemistry)

Redox active secondary metabolites and antioxidants in food (EU Network NutRedOx)

Nanotechnology of natural products

Medicines and green phyto-protectants derived by up-cycling natural waste

Turning waste into value (Interreg Project BIOVAL)

Antimicrobial and nematicidal agents

Philosophy of Pharmacy (Initiative PhilPharm)

Web-based dissemination of free science for all as part of the Academiacs initiative


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Universität des Saarlandes
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