Completed Projects

Completed Projects

  • The function of speech rhythm in information processing
    (Andreeva, Marti; funded by Saarland University)
  • A Longitudinal Study of the Intonation of the Sofia Variety of Contemporary Standard Bulgarian
    (Andreeva, funded by DAAD, 2015-2017)<br/>In Collaboration with Snezhina Dimitrova, Sofia University "St.Kliment Ohridsky", English and American Studies Department
  • Prosody and Politeness in L2
    (Andreeva, funded by DAAD, 2015-2017)
    In Collaboration with Silvia Bonacchi, Warsaw University, Institute of Specialised and Intercultural Communication
  • Individualized feedback for computer-assisted spoken language learning
    (Möbius and Trouvain, funded by DFG); in collaboration with Yves Laprie (LORIA Nancy; funded by ANR)
  • Repräsentation individueller Sprecher- und Stimm-Merkmale in synthetischen Sprachstimuli
    (Möbius, funded by Saarland University)
  • MCCA
    Culturological and Suprasegmental Analysis of Communicative Interactions Marked by Politeness and Impoliteness
    (Andreeva, Bonacchi, funded by Polish National Center of Science, 2012-2015)
  • Second Language Prosody
    Effects of L1 Experience on Rhythm and Prominence of L2 Speech
    (Andreeva, funded by DAAD, 2012-2014)
    In Collaboration with Snezhina Dimitrova, Sofia University "St.Kliment Ohridsky", English and American Studies Department
  • GENIE: spoken Sorbian/Wendish
    Database of spoken Sorbian/Wendish, in collaboration with the Department of Slavonic Studies.
    (Marti, von Rauch, Barry, Andreeva; funded by Saarland University, 2005-2006)
  • Speech Production: The syllable as a processing unit
    (Möbius with Wagner, Univ. Bielefeld; funded by DFG within SPP-1234)
  • Prosody Acquisition: Tonal and temporal development of L1 prosodic categories
    (Möbius; funded by DFG)
  • Exemplar Theory: Exemplar-based speech representation
    (Möbius with Schütze, Univ. Stuttgart; funded by DFG within SFB 732 [A2])
  • eTon: The music of speech
    Creation and implementation of multimedia training material for production and perception of pitch contours in Standard German considering the various functions of intonation in human communication.
    (Andreeva, Köser, Gast; funded by Saarland University, 2010)
  • Prominence & Rhythm
    Cross-language analysis of the production and perception of prominence.
    (Barry, Andreeva, Kötzer; funded by DFG, within SPP1234)
  • audite vocem - Online training program for perceptual identification of different voice qualities. (eLearning)
    PowerPoint presentation (contents and structure of the training)
    (Köser, Pützer; funded by Saarland University, 2008-2009)
  • BULGARISCH: Development and implementation of multimedia language courses (eLearning)
    Bulgarian online language learning.
    (Andreeva, Avgustinova; funded by Saarland University, 2008-2009)
  • eLAUT
    eLearning Analytisches Hören und Transkribieren. Online illustrations and training program for the IPA-system with demonstrations of sound inventories of various languages and dialects.
    (Trouvain; funded by Saarland University)
  • SecurePhone
    The SecurePhone project integrates a biometric recogniser in a 3G/B3G enabled PDA. The text-dependent speaker verification is the main responsibility of Saarland University. 
    (Koreman; funded in the European Union's 6th Framework Programme;
    Partners: Atos Origin (AO) (E), Informa (IN) (E), Telefónica Móviles Espa ña (TM) (E), Nergal (NE) (I), The Institute of Phonetics of the University of Saarbrücken (SU) (D), The University of Buckingham (BU) (UK), Group des Écoles des Télécommunications - INT (GI ) (F), Group des Écoles des Télécommunications - ENST (GE ) (F)) 
  • ProPhonO
    Programmierkurs für Phonetiker Online (ProPhonO), e-learning project.
    (Brinckmann, funded by Saarland University, 2005-2006) 
  • Phon2
    Online phonetics course, initially aimed at native speakers of Bulgarian, English, French and German
    (Barry in collaboration with University of Reading (coordinator), University of Sofia and University of Pau; EU funded)
  • NECA
    A net environment for embodied emotional conversational agents, in collaboration with OEFAI (coordinator), DFKI Freeserve, ITRI and Sysis.
    (Grice, Baumann; funded by the European Commission under the Information Society Technologies Programme IST-2000-28580, October 2001-April 2004)
  • NaDia
    Phrase-based speech synthesis.
    (Trouvain in collaboration with and funded by CLT, Nov. 2001 - April 2002)
  • PhonASR
    Phonetic features, speaking rate and subword units in acoustic decoding for automatic speech recognition.
    (Koreman, Barry, Andreeva; internal funding 2000-2003)
  • PrAnK
    Prosodic analysis of the German KielCorpus.
    (Grice, Baumann; funded by Saarland University, May 2000 - April 2001)
  • Evaluating Prosody
    Evaluationg prosody in the synthesis of prompts for a telephone directory dialogue system, in collaboration with and funded by Berkom (T-Systems).
    (Barry, Trouvain; Oct. 2000 - Dec. 2000)
  • Database of healthy and pathological voices / Voice profiles
    Classification of healthy and pathological voice profiles on the basis of the acoustic and electroglottographic signals. 
    Collaboration with the ENT clinic of Caritasklinik St. Theresia in Saarbrücken and the Department of Neurology and the Department of Neurosurgery of the University of the Saarland in Homburg.
    (Barry, Pützer; DFG funded 1999 - 2000 and 2001 - 2004; funded by Ministry of Science and Education, Caritas Gesellschaft and University of the Saarland 1997-2001)
  • GToBI
    Consensus transcription System for German Intonationand German Intonation Verification and extension of a model of German
    (Grice, Benzmüller, Baumann; internal funding 1995 - 2003)
  • Mary
    A modular German text-to-speech synthesis system, collaborative project with computerlinguistics & continuation by Marc Schröder, now DFKI. 
    (internal funding)
  • Aaltalk
    Danish text-to speech using diphone synthesis, in collaboration with CPK, Aalborg University
    (Barry, Trouvain, Koreman; Funded by Danish Telekom, Jan. 1998 - Dec. 1998)
  • Babel
    Multi-Language database comprising five of the most widely differing Eastern European languages: Bulgarian, Estonian, Hungarian, Polish and Romanian. 
    Partners: Phonetics and Speech Technology Group (Bulgaria), Institute of Cybernetics (Tallinn - Estonia), Technical University of Budapest, Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw), Marie Curie University (Lublin - Poland), Technical University of Timisoara (Romania), and Western Partners
    (Barry, Koreman, Saarbrücken; Lamel, LIMSI, Paris; Marasek, Stuttgart; Wells and Fourcin., UCL London; EU funded March 1995 - June 1998)
  • Sphere
    Tho role of dynamic signal properties in human and automatic processing of speech.
    (Barry, Koreman; EU-funded, Jan. 1994 - Dec. 1996)
  • Logox
    German and English text-to-speech synthesis on the basis of microsegment concatenation.
    (Barry, Benzmüller, Brinckmann; funded by G DATA, Nov. 1993 - March 1994; Juli 1997 - Dec. 2004)
  • German Dialects in Lothringen
    Perceptual and instrumental-phonetic analysis of German dialects spoken by three generations in three regions of Lothringen.
    (Barry, Pützer; funded by DFG, June 1993 - August 1997)
  • Prosodische Kodierung des Informationsstatus in der Fremdsprache: Prosodietransfer aus dem Bulgarischen ins Deutsche und umgekehrt
    (Andreeva, Möbius, Marti; funded by Saarland University, 2017-2018)


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