The phonetic research group has organized several scientific meetings, e.g.:

September 13-14, 2019, Vienna

(organised by Michael Pucher, Jürgen Trouvain & Carina Lozo)  



15-17 March 2017, Saarland University

(organised by Jürgen Trouvain, Ingmar Steiner and Bernd Möbius) 



November 5-6, 2015, Hofgut Imsbach

(organised by Jeanin Jügler, Jürgen Trouvain, and Bernd Möbius) 



September 4-5, 2015, TU Dresden

(organised by Rüdiger Hoffmann and Jürgen Trouvain) 



August 12, 2015, ICPhS Glasgow

(organised by Jürgen Trouvain, Frank Zimmerer, Mária Gósy, and Anne Bonneau) 


April 14-15, 2015, TU Twente

(organised by Khiet Truong, Dirk Heylen, Jürgen Trouvain, and Nick Campbell) 


April 8-11, 2014, Schloss Dagstuhl

(organised by Jürgen Trouvain, Bernd Möbius, and Ingmar Steiner)


October 26-27, 2012, Trinity College Dublin.

(organised by Jürgen Trouvain, Khiet Truong and Nick Campbell)


February 27-28, 2009, Representation of the Saarland, Berlin.

(organised by Jürgen Trouvain and Nick Campbell)


August 6-10, 2007, Saarland University, Saarbrücken.

(organised by Bill Barry (chair) and Jürgen Trouvain (local organiser))



August 4-5, 2007, Saarland University, Saarbrücken.

(organised by Jürgen Trouvain and Nick Campbell)

  • Non-Native Prosody: Phonetic Description and Teaching Practice


2005, Saarland University, Saarbrücken.

(organised by Jürgen Trouvain and Ulrike Gut)


  • Symposium for Bill Barry's 60th anniversary


April 2003, Saarland University, Saarbrücken.

(organised by Jürgen Trouvain, Jaques Koreman and Martin Grice)

Abstracts of the Symposium 

  • Workshop on Phonetics & Phonology in Automatic Speech Recognition


March 1-3, 2000, Saarland University, Saarbrücken.

(organised by Jaques Koreman, Bistra Andreeva and Katrin Kirchhoff)

Proceedings of the Workshop

  • English Pronunciation Training at German Universities, Colleges of Education and Polytechnics

September 25-28, 1995, Sonnenberg International Centre, St. Andreasberg/Harz.

(organised by Bill Barry and Tony Addison)

Proceedings of the Workshop 


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