Phonetics Colloquium

Phonetics Colloquium

Current research findings in phonetics are presented in the form of lectures and discussions in the colloquium. In non-pandemic times, it takes usually place - unless stated otherwise - from 14:15-15:45 in room 5.09 in building C7.2 at the specified dates.

The talks in winter semester 2020/21 will be distance talks. Please contact Jürgen Trouvain to get an invitation for the video conference (Zoom).

 For questions and suggestions please contact Jürgen Trouvain.


Winter Semester 2020/21

11 Nov 2020Omnia Ibrahim (UdS)tba
02 Dec 2020Gabriel Skantze (KTH Stockholm)Turn-taking in conversational systems and human-robot interaction
09 Dec 2020Ivan Yuen (UdS)

Prosodic effect on the use of inserted /ɹ/ in Australian English

06 Jan 2021Jacek Kudera (UdS)tba
13 Jan 2021Sebastian Möller (TU Berlin)tba
03 Feb 2021Raphael Wernertba


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