Modul 1 – Management Basics

M1-1 Strategic Management
M1-2 Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility
M1-3 Soft Skills

Modul 2 European Basics

M2-1 European Institutions
M2-2 European Regulations

Modul 3 Financial Management

M3-1 Economics and Finance
M3-2 Learning Business by Doing Business

Modul 4 Marketing and Management

M4-1 Marketing and Management in Foreign Countries (in Spanien)
M4-2 Retailing and Logistics (in Frankreich)

Modul 5 Operations Management

M5-1 Service Management
M5-2 Data Analysis

Modul 6 Behaviour Management

M6-1 Consumer Behaviour
M6-2 Entrepreneurship (in England)
M6-3 Leadership and Human Resource Management
M6-4 Cross-Cultural Management