Tuesday, 17. October 2017

HIPS Talk: Prof. Drescher zum Thema “Interaction mechanisms of viruses with bacterial biofilms“

um 17 Uhr s.t. in Gebäude E8.1, Seminarraum (Erdgeschoss)

Prof. Knut Drescher vom Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology, Marburg, will give a presentation entitled “Interaction mechanisms of viruses with bacterial biofilms“.

Bacterial viruses, termed phages, are the most abundant replicating entities on Earth, and biofilm
formation is the most common mode of bacterial life. Biofilm-phage interactions are thus fundamental to
microbial life and pathogenesis. However, the mechanisms and spatiotemporal dynamics of interactions
between phages and biofilm-dwelling bacteria are largely unknown. I will discuss how imaging at the
single-cell level revealed the mechanisms by which components of the biofilm matrix govern an
specific phage resistance process. Furthermore, I will demonstrate how single-cell level imaging of biofilms revealed the impact of other environmental stresses, such as antibiotic treatment, on biofilm communities. These insights into phage-biofilm and antibiotic-biofilm interactions have broadranging implications for the design of antibacterial therapy, and the evolutionary dynamics of

There is opportunity to talk with the speaker before the talk.
There will be a follow-up session (Nachsitzung).

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