Applying for a postal vote

In accordance with the provisions of Section 14 of the Regulations Governing the Election of Group Representatives – EGR Regulations (Ordnung der Gruppen-Urwahlen) I hereby apply for a postal vote for the upcoming election of group representatives at Saarland University. I understand that the earliest expected postal dispatch date for the postal ballot papers and accompanying documentation is at around mid May 2022 and that the final date for postal vote applications is 17 June 2022.

Application for a Postal Vote in the Election of Group Representatives

Personal information
This information is required to ensure that each voter is identified and assigned correctly.
Voter group
Please note: Students who are considered to be full-time members of the university’s academic staff or the administrative and technical staff (i.e. those employed for 19.75 or more hours per week or for 19.25 or more hours per week in the case of disabled employees) belong to the voter groups ‘academic employees’ and ‘administrative-technical employees’ respectively.
Notice for students:

If you are studying in an inter-faculty degree programme or are enrolled in several degree programmes in different faculties, you may choose in which faculty you would like to vote. Please select the desired faculty.
Postal addresses
Official address
Private address
Notes and submission
Notes on data protection and loss of voting documents:
Saarland University's Electoral Office stores, processes and uses my personal data for the purpose of my application for a postal vote. My data will not be disclosed to third parties and will be erased as soon as they are no longer required for the purpose for which they were collected. I may withdraw my declaration of consent at any time and may request information about or the erasure of my personal data. I have read and understood the additional data protection information provided in the Saarland University privacy notice.
Please note that if you lose your ballot papers and you were responsible for the loss, we will be unable to provide replacement documents. Please take good care of your postal ballot papers. Replacement documents can only be issued if the original documents were not delivered to you (e.g. the ballot papers were lost in the post). If you request new ballot papers, you will need to include a signed declaration confirming that you never received the ballot papers. Please contact the Electoral Office before submitting your request. If you received incorrect documents or if you made an error when filling out the ballot papers, you are entitled to receive replacement documents. Here, too, we would ask you to first contact the Electoral Office.

Kontakt zum Wahlleiter

Dr. Theo Jäger
Büro des Präsidenten
Gebäude A2 3, Zimmer 1.12
Tel.: 0681 302-58073
wahlbuero [at]


Nina Blumberg
Büro des Präsidenten
Gebäude A2 3, 1. OG
Tel.: 0681 302-2651
wahlbuero [at]