Human Resource Information Systems


The module „Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)” offers a comprehensive and specialized presentation of Information Systems for the Human Resource function. For this purpose, firstly, the HR application domain is introduced and an overview of kind and interaction of major HR processes (planning and controlling, staffing, development, performance and compensation) are presented. Besides, an overview of German data protection and codetermination legislation is given. Subsequently, HRIS related processes (planning, provision, implementation, operation and in particular application of HRIS) are discussed and major HRIS categories (general HRIS, staffing, development, performance and compensation HRIS) are comprehensively depicted, while “SAP® HCM” serves as an in-depth practice example. Finally, the topics, methods and results of contemporary theoretical, empirical and design oriented HRIS research are discussed.


Students acquire comprehensive, advanced and specialized qualifications in Human Resource Information Systems (EQR Level 7). In particular, students gain

  • comprehensive and specialized knowledge  of application domain, legal conditions, necessary processes and different categories of contemporary HRIS based on the latest research in HRM and Business Informatics,
  • comprehensive and specialized practical abilities of planning, implementing, operating and particularly applying contemporary HRIS to support the versatile actors of HRM with adequate systems and
  • competencies in designing and managing complex work contexts in the field of HRIS with strategic and operative managerial responsibility.


Bachelor in Business Administration (PO 29.05.2008): can be introduced as a Master Module

Master in Business Administration (PO 29.05.2008): compulsory elective subject in supplementary courses of Business Administration

Master in Economics and Law (NPO 25.02.2010): compulsory elective subject in the field of Economics, supplementary courses of Business Administration

Master in Information Systems (APO 23.05.2002): compulsory elective sibject in the field of Information Systems

Master in Information Systems (NPO 27.04.2009): compulsory elective subject in Field 1: Information Systems

Bachelor in Business and Economics Education (07.10.2010): compulsory elective subject in Business Administration Master Module

Diploma Replacement: Information Systems in Human Resource Management (Fundamental Materials III a/Application III b)

Majoring subject: Organisation and Human Resource Management


The module comprises lectures and the corresponding tutorials.  

Module Offering

The module is offered every summer term.
For contacts: Jan Hein

Summer Semester 2018: Schedule

The schedule will be announced later.

Workload/Credit Points

180 h / 6 CP

Instruction Material

More information, slides, etc. are available here.


We have been doing all our best to have a didactically sensible structure of the courses we offer. To ensure its continuous improvement we therefore participate in the QUALIS-Evaluation.

Course Grade Reference Group
Summer Semester 2017


The complete results of the last semester can be downloaded here: QUALIS Evaluation Lecture, QUALIS Evaluation Tutorial