From left to right: Prof. Dr. David Scheschkewitz, Avijit Maiti (exchange PhD student Hyderabad), Lukas Klemmer, Dr. Diego Andrada, Thomas Büttner, Yvonne Kaiser, Dr. Anukul Jana (guest scientist Hyderabad), Yannic Heider, Dr. Carsten Präsang, Dr. Kinga Leszczynska, Eveline Altmeyer, Dr. Michael Zimmer, Hui Zhao, Nadine Poitiers, Marcel Lambert, Bianca Iannuzzi, Andreas Adolf, Andreas Kell, Dr. Awadelkareem Abdelrahman Ali Mohamed (co-worker Prof. Veith); Missing: Dr. Andreas Rammo, Günther Berlin, Naim Mamdouh Obeid, David Nieder

Research in the Scheschkewitz group focuses on the chemistry of low-valent silicon species, in particular, compounds containing Si-Si double bonds  and small unsaturated silicon cluster compounds. Our research interests range from the fundamental properties of such compounds, such as reactivity, bonding and structure to the use of such compounds in new  synthetic chemistry. Ultimately we seek to develop the chemistry of low-valent silicon species towards practical applications, for example  the development of silicon-containing conducting polymers, or improved control of silicon device fabrication.