Dr Leyla Dakhli

Leyla Dakhli is a full-time historian in the French Center for National Research (CNRS), presently settled in the Marc Bloch Center in Berlin. Her work deals with the study of Arab intellectuals and social history of the South Mediterranean region, with a particular focus on the history of women and the question of exiled intellectuals and activists. She is the Principal Investigator of the ERC-founded programme DREAM (Drafting and Enacting the Revolution in the Arab Mediterranean), and a member of the scientific boards of International Review of Social History (Amsterdam) and Le Mouvement social (Paris). She is also an ethics advisor to the “Minor Universality” project.
Selected publications: Histoire du Proche-Orient contemporain, Paris 2015: La Découverte; (Ed.) Le Moyen-Orient  (fin XIXe-XXe siècle), Paris 2016: Éditions du Seuil (“Points Histoire”); L’Esprit de la révolte. Archives et actualités des révolutions arabes. Paris 2020: Éditions du Seuil.