Program and Organization

Program and Organization


MuTra PhD is organized as a two-year structured program of interrelated teaching and self study, individual coaching and peer review colloquia as well as discussion groups with interdisciplinary colleagues and guest professors.


MuTra PhD is


 MuTra PhD offers

  • a flexible two-year research methodology training for liberal arts students, specifically in the fields of Translation. It combines face-to-face traditional classroom sessions with self-study and peer-group  monitoring. It is taught in English and German depending on individual needs.

  • introductory and follow-up seminars on Research Concepts and Methodology (writing problem statements and objectives, hypotheses, state-of-the art overviews, conceptual modeling and validity testing)

  • weekend Workshops, intensive one-week sessions and/or individual coaching by appointment when accepted to the program)

  • individual and peer-group progress monitoring on self-study reading assignments

  • the extent possible, MuTra is tailored to fit the individual needs of doctoral candidates.
    Completed dissertations have presented new conceptual and methodological thought in the following areas: Culture & Translation (Georgios Floros, Athens), Simultaneous Interpreting (Martin Will, Luxembourg), Discourse Interpreting (Lihua Jiang-Qui, Bejing), Operationalizing the Translation Purpose (June Sunwoo, Korea) and Translating Hybrid Texts (Alexandre Ndeffo, Cameroon).


Event Schedule

Prof. Dr. H. Gerzymisch

Doctoral Seminar

'Operationalizing Translation Concepts'

Mi 10 – 12 h

Geb. A1 3, Raum -1.18


Visiting Hours

The next visiting hour

Mi 23.6.16, 12-15 h


MuTra Team and Guests

MuTra Kolloquium

(usually two per semester)

SS 2014

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Prof. Dr. H. Gerzymisch & Team

Coaching and intensive seminars, set individually, dates available upon request at


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