Recorded seminar talks

Follow-up Workshop to TP "Von Neumann Algebras", Bonn, August, 2022


Technion, (Pre-)Colloquium Talks, January 2021


ACPMS (Algebraic and combinatorial perspectives in the mathematical Sciences) Seminar, November 2020


Wales MPPM Seminar, May 2020


Distinguished Lecture Series at the Fields Institute, June 2019


IPAM, UCLA Workshop III: Random Matrices and Free Probability Theory, Part of the Long Program Quantitative Linear Algebra, May 2018


Probabilistic Techniques and Quantum Information Theory Workshop, IHP, Paris, October 2017


PCMI program on Random Matrices, Park City, Utah, July 2017


Spring Institute on NCG and OA, Bonn, May 2016


Section "Analysis and Its Applications" at ICM Seoul, August 2014



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