Being part of the Faculty MI, the Department of Mathematics is located in the buildings E11, E17, E24 and E25.

Our research-oriented Bachelor's and Master's programme in Mathematics provides a high-profile education in the following areas:

  •  algebra, algebraic geometry, and geometric group theory      
  • applied analysis
  • functional analysis, operator theory, and free  probability theory
  • mathematical data analysis
  • numerics for partial differential equations and inverse problems
  • stochastics and financial and  insurance mathematics
  • mathematical didactics

There are strong collaborations with the Department of Computer Science and the Max Planck Institute for Informatics in the areas of discrete mathematics, complexity theory, and computational geometry.

Our department is part of the  transregional collaborative research centre (SFB-TRR)  „Symbolic Tools in Mathematics and their Application" jointly run with the mathematics departments at the universities TU Kaiserslautern and RWTH Aachen, and including  participating researchers from TU Berlin, Max-Planck-Institute MiS Leipzig, University of Stuttgart, and University of Tübingen.

It is a particular goal of our department to encourage students early in their mathematical career to participate in research projects within the working groups of our department. This is enabled by intensive supervision and high quality mentoring (e.g. in the first semester additional exercise sections accompanying lectures with at most 20 participants) and a very personal and direct contact to the instructors of the courses.