Teacher training programmes

Number of places: approx. 15 
Start of programme: Winter semester
Duration: 8 semesters (LS1); 10 semesters (LAB, LS1+2)
Entry restrictions: Grade thresholds are recalculated each year (overview of grade thresholds in previous years)
Teaching degree qualifications: LAB: for vocational secondary schools or colleges; LS1+2: for secondary schools (lower and upper levels, years 5 to 13); LS1: for secondary schools (lower level, years 5 to 10)
Programme introduced: Winter semester 2008/2009
Last revised: Winter semester 2015/2016 

Programme structure

In the first four semesters, students take courses covering fundamental areas of biological science, such as botany, zoology, ecosystems, chemistry, biostatistics, mathematics, and animal, plant and human physiology. During the second phase of the programme, students take advanced modules that provide a more in-depth understanding of areas of the modern biosciences, such as microbiology, cell biology, genetics, molecular biology and neurobiology. While studying the theoretical aspects of the discipline, students will learn practical species identification skills, undertake field work in zoology and botany and attend sessions designed to help them acquire and develop effective methodologies for teaching biology in schools.

How to apply

Saarland University currently offers around 15 places each year on its teacher training programmes in biology. These places are allocated for each winter semester by Saarland University's Admissions Office. Applications can be submitted online until 15 July each year. Please note that students seeking first-semester entry to the teacher training programme can only start the programme in the respective winter semester. 

Dr. Björn Diehl
Programme Coordinator – Biosciences
+49 681 302 3926