Drug therapy and pharmacovigilance

Ion channels – Basic research

Protein structures, function and pharmacological control of voltage-dependent Ca channels and TRP ion channels

Ion channels and disease

Impact of these ion channels on cardiac action, insulin release, pain perception and tumour development


  • Drug therapy and pharmacovigilance                                                   Tel.: +49 6841 16-26401
  • Cavβ – Signal transduction
  • Calcium imaging and electrophysiology                                                 Dr. rer.nat. A. Beck
  • Analytical and preparative cell sorting, real-time PCR                         PD Dr. rer.nat. S. E. Philipp              
  • Protein analytics                                                                                         Dr. Dipl.-Ing. C. Fecher-Trost               
  • Gene profiling / Contact person Radioactive Materials Lab                PD. Dr. rer.nat. U. Wissenbach               
  • Transgenic and Reproductive Technology Lab (TRT) and Specific Pathogen-Free (SPF) Animal Resource Facility                Dr. rer.nat. P. Weissgerber


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