Please observe the following information when registering:

  • Please state the name of your lab partner when registering, as the advanced lab course is carried out in groups of two. Lab partners must still register themselves using the registration form. If you have not yet found a partner for the lab course, please leave the corresponding field empty during registration. We will assign a group to you. 

  • It is generally possible to form groups across courses of study. In this case, the number of experiments to be done is determined by the course of study that has to do more experiments. Whether the additional experiments can still be recognized as credits for the lab partner depends on the course of study, possibly also on an individual agreement with the examination office.

  • Please select only one experiment from each category.

  • The two experiments saturation spectroscopy and X-ray tomography are only suitable for Master's students.
  • The number of experiments to be done depends on the course of study and can be taken from the following table. We will try to assign you your preferred experiments.

  • Please indicate one alternative experiment in case your preferred experiments are already overbooked.

  • You must register separately for the LabView block practical course. For the two courses of study Biophysics Master and Teacher training course in physics, the LabView practical course is optional and is counted as an experiment to be done.

Course of study# ExperimentsLabView practical course
Bachelor physics4yes
Master physics part a4no
Master biophysics3 (4)yes (no)
Master physics/biophysics part b2no
Bachelor quantum engineering2yes
Master quantum engineering4no
Teacher training course in physics2 (3)yes (no)