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Charles Dickens as an Agent of Change

An International Seminar

10-12 June 2010


The seminar will discuss the numerous ways in which Charles Dickens was (and still is) an agent of change in an age of changes - of the plurality of Weltanschauungen of the political system and the social cosmos, of the definitions, the writing and the distribution of literature.


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The Cultures of James Bond

An International Conference

05-07 June 2009


Since his earliest appearances in print and on the screen, James Bond has become a popular icon and has developed nothing short of his own cultural mythology. His iconic status today may well hide the fact that through the years, “James Bond” has acquired very different meanings in a variety of contexts. He has provided a screen onto which the heterogeneous desires of nationally, culturally and socially diverse readers, viewers and users have been projected. In addition, Bond has long become an academic topic as well, not just in film studies, but also in literary and cultural studies. As a cultural phenomenon entangled in the histories not only of Western cultures since World War II, Bond more than merits a conference as a forum to discuss new approaches and recent revisions.


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