Join the celebrations!

75 years of outstanding research, a rich portfolio of academic programmes, teaching excellence and a development strategy focused on meeting current and future societal needs – these are the accomplishments that have made us into what we are today.

As a university with a strong European focus, we're proud of our excellent national and international reputation. As an attractive place for research, we're helping to boost and promote Saarland. And as a successful business incubator, we're empowering start-ups to find cutting-edge solutions to the challenges of tomorrow.

Programme highlights

There's plenty to look forward to in our anniversary year 2023. In addition to the official ceremonies, there will be two special event weeks, concerts, a series of special lectures, extensive media reporting and much more besides. A commemorative 75th anniversary book will also be published at the end of 2023.

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The slogan 'UNSERE UdS' will be used throughout the anniversary year 2023 to highlight our sense of connection to the university. Send us an email and tell us what the university means to you personally and what it means for Saarland. We'd love to know what aspects of the university or university life make you especially proud.


Programme of events

The programme for the anniversary year will be updated continuously. To make sure you're always up to date, subscribe to the university's monthly newsletter (in German). [Once on the newsletter page, click on the first checkbox 'Monatlicher Newsletter'.]

21 January 2023

Night of the Profs in the Audimax building (B4 1), Saarbrücken Campus

February to April 2023

'Letter to the Future' project (to run at all university sites)
At the beginning of May, the letters will be stored unopened in a time capsule. They will be opened 25 years later when Saarland University celebrates its centenary anniversary in 2048.

01-31 March 2023

Exhibition: Women in Mathematics - Location to be announced

08–13 May 2023

Special event week on the Saarbrücken campus with a range of different activities:

  • 10 May: Official anniversary ceremony (hybrid format)
  • 13 May: University Open Day

June 2023

16 June: UNSERE UdS will be taking part in the regional company fun run in Saarbruecken (start at 6 pm)

Special event week on the Homburg campus with a range of different activities:

  • various activities and lectures
  • 23 June: Ceremony in the main lecture theatre
  • 23 June: Science Open Evening
  • 23 June: Piano recital with Jean-Yves Thibaudet - he plays the "Préludes" by Claude Debussy in the main Anatomy lecture theatre

Saarland University will be represented at the cultural festival 'Kultstadtfest' in Saarbrücken

January to November 2023

Events managed and run by the faculties and other university institutions
Lecture serie

15 November 2023

Ceremonial presentation of the 75th anniversary book in Saarbrücken