What are the advantages and disadvantages of part-time study?


  • Only 50% of the course work (or a maximum of 60%) must be completed per semester.
  • The academic progress checks are postponed when studying part-time and are conducted at a later time.
  • The flexible periods of study allow students to better adapt their studies to their individual needs.
  • It allows students to finance their own studies.
  • It allows students to balance family and study obligations.
  • Having more time to complete a degree programme can reduce a student’s personal pressure and stress.
  • Part-time students have the same student status as full-time students.
  • After two semesters, students attend an individual consultation session in order to support them in deciding on and optimizing their further course of study.


  • Students who are studying part-time are not entitled to receive payments from the BAföG student loans programme.
  • Course schedules are not adapted to part-time study. It is therefore possible that certain courses for example only take place in the mornings or afternoons.