Who is allowed to study part-time?

Students and prospective students may be enrolled at the university as part-time students if they are only able to study for at least 50% and no more than 60% of their available working hours due to (for example):

  • Employment obligations
  • Pregnancy, maternity leave, caring for one or more children or adolescents
  • Supporting family members with care needs
  • Performing departmental or university-related administrative duties
  • Chronic illness or disability

If your personal reasons are not listed here, please contact the Admissions Office or your programme adviser.

Please note

Not all degree programmes can be studied part-time. Please check in advance whether the examination regulations governing your degree programme permit students to study part-time.

Students studying part-time may only be enrolled in one degree programme. If you are enrolled in more than one degree programme, you will have to decide which degree programme you would like to continue as part of your part-time studies.