Welcome to Saarland University’s alumni community website

The years we spend at university often have a profound effect on our personal development and our lives, and our university years are a period that many of us look back on with great fondness. The bond that we have with our alma mater is a special one shaped by many important memories: the first visit to the university campus, the first lectures and seminars, the first student parties, living away from home for the first time. The period between finishing school and graduating from university is full of significant events that often stay with us throughout our lives. And after a few years into a busy professional career, even the stress of university exams doesn’t seem so bad with hindsight.
To help keep those memories alive and to strengthen your ties to your alma mater, Saarland University offers its alumni a range of options for staying connected: The various departmental alumni clubs at Saarland University, the international Alumni Office and the University Society (Universitätsgesellschaft des Saarlandes e. V.) all offer a variety of different models for networking, knowledge-sharing and collaboration. 
And our alumni networks are not just for graduates, but are open to all university employees. Come in and take a look around.


Saar-Universität will sich weltweit mit Alumni vernetzen

Die Universität des Saarlandes will den Kontakt zu ihren Absolventen intensivieren und ein internationales Alumni-Netzwerk aufbauen. Darüber sollen strategische Partnerschaften mit Hochschulen in der ganzen Welt entstehen. Bereits zum zweiten Mal fand daher im Juni 2019 eine internationale Alumni-Akademie statt. Dazu kamen rund 30 Absolventinnen und Absolventen aus der ganzen Welt an die Saar-Universität. Ein Ziel ist dabei, Studierende für die Saar-Universität zu begeistern und den internationalen Austausch zu fördern. [mehr...]