Research Topics

Being part of the psychology department, the research group conducts studies at the intersection of (occupational) health psychology and personality psychology, specifically in the fields of work-related well-being, emotion regulation, recovery and mindfulness at work. Most of our current work focuses on conducting ecological momentary interventions (E-mental health) to capture and manipulate within-person dynamics of developing and maintaining engagement at work. A methodological focus of our research is the analysis of intensive longitudinal data, dynamic structural equation modelling, (Bayesian) psychometric modelling and the analysis of "digital traces" (e.g., smartphone sensor data).

Open Science

Our research group is committed to the values of open and transparent science. We pre-register almost all of our current studies and provide the materials, analysis code, and data at the Open Science Framework OSF. Teaching psychological methods to our students, we strive to promote reproducible workflows. For that matter, we are currently implementing the transition to R for data management, visualisation, analysis, and communication.