My group is interested in functions of different immune cells types within the tumormicroenvironment and systemic immune milieu of patients, both critical for carcinogenesis, therapy responses and cancer progression. The key goal of our research is to unravel molecular mechanisms induced by interactions of different cells types in the tumormicroenvironment, like cancer cells, fibroblasts and immune cells, as basis of new immunotherapeutic strategies as well as the characterization of systemic individual immune milieus of patients as target for therapies. 

Our ongoing research focused on 

  • Immunobiology of gynecologic cancer, like cervical cancer and vulvar cancer, 

  • Tumor-stroma-interactions and role of fibroblasts supporting chronic inflammation and immune cell infiltration, 

  • Role of systemic immune milieu with focus on the individual therapy-induced immune milieu for clinical outcome, 

  • Identification of regulators, like microRNAs, and molecular mechanisms as new biomarkers and target for (immune)therapy 

  • Role of IL-17-producing T-cells for carcinogenesis and therapy responses.