Day 1 (18th Sept)

9:15–10:30Invited talk 1 (Kirsten Abbot-Smith) [abstract]
10:30–11:00Coffee break
11:00–12:15Invited talk 2 (Craig Hedge) [abstract]
12:15–13:30Lunch (provided)
13:30–14:45Invited talk 3 (Petra Hendriks) [abstract]
14:45–16:15Poster session 1 with coffee break
16:15–17:30Invited talk 4 (Morten H. Christiansen) [abstract]                 
From 19:00Dinner

Day 2 (19th Sept)

9:00–10:15Invited talk 5 (Antje S. Meyer & Florian Hintz) [abstract]
10:15–11:30Poster session 2 with coffee break
11:30–12:30Closing panel discussion
12:30–13:30Lunch (provided)


Poster presentations

The book of poster abstracts can be found here.

Poster Session Day 1

Köder, F.  & Kyriacou, M.
Individual differences in irony processing: the role of working memory and fluid intelligence.

Long, M., Rohde, H. & Rubio-Fernández, P.
The role of cognitive control and referential complexity on referential choice over the adult lifespan.

Pompei, C., Lecce, S., Canal, P.,Del Sette, P., & Bambini, V.
How a white dog becomes a cloud: developmental and computational investigation of metaphor production skills in preschoolers.

Schuster, S., Mayn, A. & Demberg, V.
Individual differences in adaptation to speaker-specific use of uncertainty expressions: The role of working memory updating.

Spalek, K., Felsenheimer, A., Sun, C. & Koch, X.
Individual differences in recalling focused words and contextual alternatives.

Vrazitulis, M., Loy, J. E. & Demberg, V.
Potential Effects of Individual Differences in Fluid Intelligence and Print Exposure on Processing Times of Scalar Implicatures.

Wang, S., Sun, C. & Breheny, R.
The Role of Working Memory in the Processing of Negative Sentences.

Poster Session Day 2

Abalos, Z.
Investigating the relationship between causal rhetorical relations and narrative coherence.

Frau, F., Losi, G., Tonini, E., Bischetti, L., Diamanti, L., Ceroni, M. & Bambini, V. 
Individual differences in embodied effects at the crossroad with pragmatics: testing literal and metaphorical comprehension of action verbs in Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia.

Holtgraves, T.
Assessing Individual Differences in the Comprehension of Multiple Types of Indirect Meaning: Political Ideology, Empathy and Emotion Recognition.

Li, M., Venhuizen, N. J., Jachmann, T. K., Drenhaus, H. & Crocker, M. W.
Does informativity modulate linearization preferences in reference production?

Loy, J. E. & Demberg, V.
Updating and theory of mind modulate adaptation to speakers' communicative styles.

Rotter, S. & Liu, M.
Individual differences in the perception of negative concord in American English.