Guest Lecture of Prof. Dr. Martin A. Conway

Guest Lecture of Prof. Dr. Martin A. Conway


From City University London


Date: 11th June 2014, 18h c.t.


Venue: Building A2 4, Room 2.16


Topic: Beliefs about memory and memory for childhood.



In this talk I present recent research into a series of common beliefs about autobiographical memory, e.g. that memories are like photographs or videos, that emotional experiences lead to detailed memories, etc. I also present the scientific evidence showing that these beliefs are, by-and-large, incorrect, particularly with respect to beliefs about childhood memory. Memory for the facts and events of our lives is highly complex and that complexity is denied by oversimplifying beliefs that underlie, often implicitly, judgments of memories by triers of fact, e.g. jurors, lawyers, judges, and other professionals.