Guest Lecture of Prof. Dr. Michael Rugg

Guest Lecture of Prof. Dr. Michael Rugg

from the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, University of California, Irvine

Date: 23.03.2010 (Keynote at the Teap 2010 Conference)

Topic: Episodic memory: a perspective from functional neuroimaging


Episodic encoding and retrieval are often treated as if they are independent memory functions. Evidence from experimental psychology, however, suggests that they are interdependent. This evidence fits well with current ideas about the neurobiological basis of episodic memory, and the two frameworks come together to make predictions about the relationship between encoding- and retrieval-related neural activity that can be tested in humans using functional neuroimaging. The talk will describe recent studies motivated by these predictions, and will argue that episodic encoding and retrieval are interdependent at both the psychological and the neural level, and are supported by processes that are largely separate from those supporting memory judgments based on a non-episodic sense of familiarity.