Cognitive Development in Memory and Action Control (Part 1)

Cognitive Development in Memory and Action Control (Part 1)


Instructor: Jutta Kray

(Part 2 will be offered by Gisa Aschersleben in the Winter Term 2010/11)



  • Preliminary discussion of the workshop contents: 9th April 2010, 11:00 a.m.
  • 1st part of the workshop: 22nd May 2010 (Saturday)
  • 2nd part of the workshop: 12th June 2010 (Saturday)


Seminar room SRIII in Building A1 3 (third floor)

Preliminary contents and aims of the workshop

  • Jutta Kray is going to provide participants with manuscripts on the topic "Cognitive Development in Memory and Action Control". Participants then have to practice writing peer-reviews on these manuscripts, which should indicate whether or not a manuscript would have been accepted by them and what the particular strengths and weaknesses of the paper are. Moreover, Jutta Kray is also going to give participants feedback on their written reviews.
  • Thus, the overall aim of the workshop is to prepare participants for writing reviews on manuscripts that are submitted to peer-reviewed journals as anonymous referees.