PhDiscussion - das Methodentreffen

PhDiscussion - das Methodentreffen


The PhDiscussion is established to discuss current questions and issues concerning one’s PhD project in an enriching context with PhD colleagues. Within each session one PhD student is presenting the current state of his project and asks questions concerning methodical, theoretical or perspectival aspects. Thereby, conduction, implementation, analyses and the interpretation of a study are in the focus of the meetings. A methodological and conceptual exchange is guaranteed since PhD students from different research fields are involved and enhance discussions with unbiased contributions. Through the PhDiscussion, critical aspects of the projects can be discussed in advance and therefore enable efficient meetings with one’s principal investigator. Since regular discussions about current research issues are crucial for a successful research career, the PhDiscussion ensures an optimal basis. Additionally, informal discussions are facilitated as everyone is informed about current state of the projects’ state of the group colleagues.

The meetings are lasting two hours and take place every two weeks on average. Group sizes are about 5 to 6 PhD students. Normally, each meeting is extended by a social component as group lunch. Hereinafter, the last meetings are listed below:

  • March 2nd: General meeting and organization
  • March 14th: Alexander Kirmße – Can electrophysiological correlates of implicit binding processes tell more about the age-related association test?
  • April 6th: Demian Scherer - Effects of semantic overlap on working memory performance
  • April 22nd: Andrea Krieger – In-group-Out-Group effects on imitation
  • N.N. Florian Domnick – Working memory capacity and fluid abilities
  • N.N. Sandra Dörrenbächer - The influence of interindividual differences in interference-control abilities on the neural signatures of task switching in old age

Every PhD student and associated PhD students is welcome to join the PhDiscussion. If you want to participate, please contact one of the following people:

  • Andrea Krieger -
  • Alexander Kirmße -