Experimental Approaches to Attention, Learning, and Memory

Experimental Approaches to Attention, Learning, and Memory

Axel Mecklinger, Dirk Wentura, Hubert Zimmer, Georg Kerkhoff

Seminar, 2 hours, Monday, 16-18 h, Building A1 7, Room -1.13

The course aims at providing "state-of-the-art" overviews on attention, working memory, learning, longterm memory, including the Clinical Neuropsychology of Attention. In doing so, the PIs emphasize the different perspectives on human cognition – that is, the perspective of paradigm-oriented experimental cognitive psychology, cognitive neuropsychology, and clinical neuropsychology – that mutually corroborate each other. 



27.10. Introduction 

Part 1: Current topics in attention research (Dirk Wentura)
03.11. /  
10.11.  /  17.11. 

Part 2: Current topics in working memory research? (Hubert Zimmer)
/  01.12.  /  08.12.   

Part 3: Current topics in neurocognitive research on learning and memory? (Axel Mecklinger)
05.01. (download PPT slides) 
/ 12.01. (download PPT slides)  /  02.02.       

Part 4: The Clinical Neuropsychology of Attention (Georg Kerkhoff)
/   26.01  /  09.02.  


Further Information

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26.1.2009: Multimodal Neglect
(Kerkhoff, 2001, Keller et al, 2005)

9.2.2009: Disorders of Spatial Orientation and dissociation in Spatial Neglect
(Committeri et al, 2007; Perennou et al 2008)



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