Promotionen an der Universität des Saarlandes




Sheik Amiri, Meisam

Comparison between magnetic particle inspection and magnetic flux leakage inspection

seit 2010

Bienkowski, Lukas

Real View Inspection Based on Thermographic Inspection Techniques

seit 2011

Kind, Thomas

Analysis of Reinforced Concrete with Ground Penetrating Radar

seit 2009

Lozak Alexandr

Characterisation of CFRP Based on Analysing the Phase Content of Ultrasonic Signals

seit 2012

Manavipour Marjam

Chracterisation of Polymer Inliners in Corrosive Media

seit 2011

Pérez, Isabel

Electromagnetic Crack Monitoring with Pipeline Inspection Gauges

seit 2011

Seiler, Georg

Materials Characterisation Based on Electromagnetically Induced Ultrasound

seit 2010

Sridaran Venkat


Application of Inverse Phase Adaptation for Characterisation and Flaw Detection in CFRP

seit 2009



Betreute Promotionen:

·       Pavlovic Mato : Probability of Detection as a Function of Multiple Influencing Parameters; October 2014 (supervised)

·       Bijudas C.R. : Experimental and numerical study of time reversed Lamb wave for baseline-free damage detection, Indian Inst. of Technology, Mumbai/India, April 2014 (assessed)

·       Ooijevaar Ted: Vibration Based Structural Health Monitoring of Composite Skin-Stiffener Structures; Twente University, Twente/Netherlands, March 2014 (assessed)

·       Pudovikov Sergey: Optimierung und Nachweis der verbesserten Ultraschallprüfbarkeit von akustisch anisotropen Werkstoffen an austenitischen Schweiß- und Mischverbindungen (Optimisation and Proof of the Improved Ultrasonic Based Testability of Acoustically Anisotropic Materials in Welded and Dissimlar Joints), November 2013 (supervised)

·       Martini Dominique: Mesures en service et reconstruction de champs mécaniques sur structure; Université de Provence – Aix Marseille I, October 2011 (assessed)

·       Samanta Sutanu: Assessment of Damage in Impacted Composite Panels Using Automated Ultrasonic Imaging and Simulation; Bengal Engineering & Science University, Shibpur/India, September 2011 (assessed)

·       Stoppel Markus : Differenzpotentialfeldmessung in der automatisierten Prüfung von Stahlbetonbauteilen (Measurement of Differential Potential Fields along the Automated Inspection of Reinforced Concrete Components), June 2011 (supervised)

·       Kuo Chen-Ming: Adaptive Micro Aerial Vehicle Design; The Univ. of Sheffield, April 2008 (supervised)

·       Taqui Hassan Ansari Shaik: Automated Development of Process Time Estimating Models; De Montfort University, Leicester/UK, September 2006 (assessed)

·       Abilio Neves Garcia: Multiple Site Damage of Aeronautical Riveted Joints; School of Industrial and Manufacturing Science, Cranfield University, Cranfield/UK, October 2005 (assessed)

·       Xingdong Xue: Statistical Analysis of Railway accidents and Crashworthiness Modification of Rail Vehicles; Univ. of Sheffield/UK, June 2004 (assessed)

·       Erica Abbott: Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation of Advanced Composite Structures with Integrated Sensor Systems; Royal Melbourne Inst. of Technol. (RMIT), Melbourne/Australia, June 2004 (assessed)

·       Nazir Ahmad Sheikh: Electro-Thermo-Elastic Formulation and Analysis of Smart Structures with Embedded Piezoelectric Material, Indian Inst. of Technology, Kanpur/India, November 2003 (assessed)

·       Debiprosad Roy Mahapatra: Development of Spectral Finite Element Models for Wave Propagation Studies, Health Monitoring and Active Control of Waves in Laminated Composite Structures; Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore/India, August 2003 (assessed)

·       Antonio Jose Balta: Adaptive Composites with Embedded Shape Memory Alloy Wires; Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne/Switzerland, May 2003 (assessed)

·       Daniel Betz: Acousto-Ultrasonic Sensing Using Fibre Bragg Gratings; University of Sheffield/GB, October 2004 (partially supervised)

·       Jeong-Beom Ihn: Structural health monitoring of aircraft components using structure integrated piezoelectric sensing ; Stanford University, Stanford/CA, USA, September 2002 (assessed)

·       Thomas Monnier: Ondes de Lamb dans les milieux stratifiés – application a la surveillance in situ et en temps réel de l'endomagement de structures composites; INSA, Lyon/France, 2001 (in French) (assessed)