Research focus

The work of our group focuses on the molecular and functional characterization of tonically active ribbon synapses in the retina.

Ribbon synapses are specialized for continuous synaptic transmission but are also capable of fast, stimulus-synchronous phasic responses. The function of ribbon synapses with their phasic and continuous mode of transmission is essential for retinal physiology and important for visual information processing. Mutations of genes involved in signaling at ribbon synapses, particularly at photoreceptor ribbon synapses, lead to retinal diseases that can result into blindness. We address the function of retinal ribbon synapses at the molecular, cellular and systems level.


Wir gratulieren unserer ehemaligen Doktorandin, Frau Dr. med. Marie-Lisa Eich, zur Verleihung des Dr.-Eduard-Martin-Preises, den sie in Anerkennung ihrer wissenschaftlichen Leistungen von der Universitäts-

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