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Publikationen 2010 bis heute

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95.       "Synthesis of poly(thiophene-phenylene-vinylene)s by oxidative polymerization"
Hausen, D.; Wenz, G.
PMSE Prepr. 2010.
Various substituted phenylene-vinylene oligomers with terminal thiophene groups are synthesized by Horner-Emmons olefination. These oligomers are polymd. in soln. by oxidn. with antimony (V) chloride or electrochem., as well as by Grignard metathesis. By this way new types of sol. π-conjugated polymers are obtained which show optical absorption at long wavelengths (906 nm). Since homogeneous films can be casted from soln. these polymers might find interesting applications within solar cells or optoelectronic systems.

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