Bioinspired & sustainable structures

Bioinspired material structures help to find sustainable material layouts that can be easily disassembled back into their components at the end of life, for example.


Current projects


Compliant electrical contacts

The linking of biological objects with electronic devices requires soft electrical contacts. We develop and fabricate microstructured adhesive contact elements from electrically conductive materials. A detailed characterization of these elements reveals the combination of adhesive and electrical properties. We are also exploring applications of the elements as electrically switchable mechanical contacts.



Sustainable pastes

Description coming soon



New materials for the propagation of stem cells

This interdisciplinary project aims at the scalable harvesting of mesenchymal stem cells using new support materials for their proliferation. In collaboration with cell biologists, biochemists, chemists and materials scientists, we are modifying the surfaces of microspheres to improve cell adhesion, promote cell growth and allow cells to detach easily from the microspheres. The materials-oriented part of the project requires surface characterization of particles with diameters of about 100 µm and their subsequent modification using methods such as polymer grafting, plasma activation and changes in surface roughness and charge. The project is funded by the "European Regional Development Fund" INTERREG.



Prof. Dr. Tobias Kraus
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Gabriele Koster
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