07.11.2023 | School excursion

On Tuesday 7th November, we welcomed the 10th classes (135 pupils) from the Gymnasium am Stefansberg in Merzig.  There were programme items from the student council with nitrogen ice cream, laboratory tours in physics (GOFEX), coordination chemistry and the INM, and specialist lectures by Alexander Titz & Daniel Krug (HIPS) and David Schaaf (PC-DC).  The experimental lecture with Thomas John (physics), Dominik Munz (coordination chemistry) and the stars Britta Schreiber (glass workshop) and Andreas Adolf (experiments) was particularly enjoyable.  Hope to see you soon - come and study chemistry (or physics) with us!



20.10.2023 | Chemistry Department Celebrates Chemistry Day

The Department of Chemistry celebrated its 75th anniversary and the reopening of the renovated lecture hall building C4 3. In addition to guided tours of the building, the program included a ceremonial meeting with the handover of keys and the presentation of the scientific topics of the working groups. The keynote speech was given by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Markus Antonietti (Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces) on the topic "A new chemistry lays the foundations for a circular economy and global sustainability". As a special highlight in the foyer of the chemistry lecture hall building, an interactive periodic table of the chemical elements was ceremoniously unveiled. The day was completed by a reception for all guests.



07.10.2023 | Chemists from Saarbrücken and San Diego describe new carbon molecule in Nature

The Munz working group, together with partners from the University of California, San Diego, reports on a bisoxidised carbene.  The target molecule formally has 4 valence electrons on one carbon atom, and thus represents a previously unknown class of carbon molecules.  The study was published in the journal Nature and discussed on Deutschlandfunk. To the press release of Saarland University.


14.07.2023 | Student group visits BASF's Ludwigshafen site

29 chemistry students from Saarbrücken spent an informative day at BASF in Ludwigshafen. In addition to a visit to the visitor center, the program included a tour of the site, a visit to a petrochemical plant and an information session on career opportunities as an industrial chemist. Prof. Guido Kickelbick accompanied the group of students and expressed his special thanks to Dr. Alexander Düfert from BASF for co-organizing the excursion. Together with Dr. Alexander Traut, Dr. Dorothea Ziegler and Dr. Geogios Dodekatos, he was available to answer the students' questions about application procedures and development opportunities at BASF.



12.07.2023 | The Kickelbick and Scheschkewitz working groups participated in the 10th European Silicon Days

Participants from the Kickelbick and Scheschkewitz working groups attended the 10th European Silicon Days in Montpellier from July 10 to 12, 2023. At the conference, international scientists discuss the latest research results on the element silicon. Topics range from molecular systems to materials.  The ninth meeting in this series took place in Saarbrücken from September 09 to 12, 2018.




GDCh Colloquium in Winter Term 2023/24

The Saar chapter of the GDCh invites you to exciting lectures in the winter term 2023/24. The lectures take place on Mondays from 5:15 p.m. in the large lecture hall of the Chemistry Department (Building C4 3). Please see the announcement for the exact dates.


Inorganic Chemistry Colloquium Winter Term 2023/24

Inorganic Chemistry invites you to its scientific lecture series in the winter semester 2023/24. The lectures will take place on Thursdays from 17:15 in the Small Lecture Hall II (Building C4 3). Please refer to the announcement for the exact dates.