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03.08.2022 | Four working groups from Saarbrücken took part in the ICOMC 2022 in Prague; Poster award for Anna-Lena Thömmes

Four working groups from Inorganic Chemistry (Diego Andrada, Dominik Munz, André Schäfer, David Scheschkewitz) took part in the international leading conference for organometallic chemistry, the ICOMC 2022 in Prague and presented their research results. Anna-Lena Thömmes from the Scheschkewitz group was awarded the prize for the best poster presentation. Congratulations!


27.06.2022 | Elias Gießelmann participates in the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

It is rare for a student or young scientist to have the opportunity to meet Nobel Laureates in person and to be inspired by their research achievements. It is even rarer to meet several Nobel Laureates at the same time in one place. However, a conference in Lindau, which has existed since 1951, makes this possible for a selected group of young scientists. This year, Elias Gießelmann, PhD student at the in the group of Prof. Guido Kickelbick, was chosen as one of 600 participants from all over the world to attend the meeting. More information about the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting can be found here.


23.03.2022 | Award ceremony of the Elisabeth und Horst-Dietrich Hardt-Award for Prof. Dr. Katja Heinze (Mainz)

As part of the Chemiedozententagung in Saarbrücken, today the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology awarded the  Elisabeth and Horst-Dietrich Hardt-Prize for groundbreaking research in Inorganic Chemistry (endowed with 25,000 Euro)  to Katja Heinze of the University of Mainz. The prize is awarded every five years by the Elisabeth and Prof. Dr. Horst-Dietrich Hardt-Foundation from the estate of the founders. It is among the highest endowed prizes for Inorganic Chemistry.  

22.03.2022 | ADUC Chemiedozententagung in Saarbrücken

From 22. to 24. March 2022, the Chemiedozententagung of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher UniversitätsprofessorInnen der Chemie (ADUC) took place in Saarbrücken as an on-site event. Despite the still obligatory pandemic counter-measures, the more than 300 participants enjoyed about 80 scientific live-lectures from all areas of chemistry in three parallel sessions. The sunny weather on all three days did the rest so that Guido Kickelbick as Chair of the local organizing committee could draw a very positive conclusion. 


10.12.2021 | Kekulé Fellowship by the Fonds of the Chemical Industry awarded to Anna-Lena Thömmes

Congratulations to @ALThoemmes, the carnival enthusiast @scheschkewitz group, for the award of a Kekulé Fellowship by the Fonds of the Chemical Industry @chemieverband. Well done, Anna-Lena!

She will be continuing her research on Ge=Ge polymers https//:http://rdcu.be/cf4q6.


21.11.2022 | GDCh-Kolloquium: Victor Grignard-Georg Wittig lecture with award ceremony

17:15 p.m. - Buildung C6 4 - Large lecture hall Physik

Prof. Dr. Anne-Marie Caminade, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Toulouse/France speaks on the topic: Synthesis and overview of the properties of phosphorus dendrimers.

Inorganic Chemistry Colloquium Winter Term 2022-23