Research Groups

In the back from left to right: Andreas Rammo, Christian Völzing, André Schäfer, Uli Kazmaier, Oliver Janka, Alexander Titz, Andreas Speicher, Ralf Kautenburger; next row in front: Dominik Munz, Stella Stopkowicz; in the front: David Scheschkewitz, Guido Kickelbick, Johann Jauch, Markus Gallei, Aránzazu Del Campo, Tobias Kraus; not on the photo: Diego Andrada, Gregor Jung, Christopher Kay


Professorships and working groups in the department of Chemistry

  • Dr. Diego Andrada 
    ERC Junior Research Group Inorganic Chemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Aránzazu del Campo 
    Professorship for Materials synthesis and materials development
  • Prof. Dr. Markus Gallei 
    Professorship for Polymer Chemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Tanja Gulder
    Professorship for Organic chemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Dominik Munz
    Professorship for Coordination Chemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Johann Jauch 
    Professorship for Organic chemistry II
  • Prof. Dr. Gregor Jung 
    Professorship for Biophysical chemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Christopher Kay 
    Professorship for Physical chemistry and didactics of chemistry
  • apl. Prof. Dr. Ralf Kautenburger
    Associate Professorship 
  • Prof. Dr. Uli Kazmaier 
    Professorship for Organic chemistry I
  • Prof. Dr. Guido Kickelbick 
    Professorship for Inorganic solid state chemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Tobias Kraus 
    Professorship for Colloid and interface chemistry
  • PD Dr. André Schäfer 
    Emmy Noether Junior Research Group
  • Prof. Dr. David Scheschkewitz 
    Professorship for General and inorganic chemistry
  • apl. Prof. Dr. Andreas Speicher 
    Professorship for Organic chemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Stella Stopkowicz
    Professorship for Physical and theoretical chemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Titz
    Professorship for Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Horst Philipp Beck
    Senior Professorship for Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry and Radiochemistry

Retired professors of Chemistry

  • Prof. Dr. Horst Philipp Beck
    former Professor of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry and Radiochemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Heinz Engelhardt
    former Professor of Physical Chemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Kaspar Hegetschweiler
    former Professor of inorganic chemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Elmar Heinzle
    former Professor of Technical Biochemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Rolf Hempelmann
    former Professor of Physical Chemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Schneider
    former Professor of Organic Chemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Springborg
    former Professor of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Michael Veith
    former Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
  • Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wenz
    former Professor of Organic Macromolecular Chemistry